Venus Sequence by Digital Witchdoctor

The VENUS SEQUENCE is the story of your incarnation and the journey of your life. It is not Human Design, it is a revelation that came to Richard Rudd, one of the worlds foremost experts in Human Design, and this revelation came during a transit of Venus across the face of the Sun in 2004.


Richard was already working on refining the vocabulary we use for each hexagram or gate, arriving slowly but surely at a new geometry of words that describe the essence of each of the 64 hexagrams. This list is called the Spectrum of Consciousness and describes two flavours of unpleasantness and two flavours of goodness. So each gate has four descriptive labels. The first is the "not-self" or ignorant flavour when someone with this gate is repressed or introverted. The second word is the"not-self" or ignorant flavour when someone acts or speaks out causing trouble. The third word is the ideal human way this gate could be. The fourth word is the ideal or saintly essence that expresses an ultimate esoteric perfection in that gate.


The Venus Sequence describes the journey of your life through a cycle of five of the planetary positions in your Human Design chart: and this number five is closely associated with Venus, in the way the morning and evening star actually draw a flowing five pointed star in the wheel. Because of Juxtaposition Unified Theory and other fundamental aspects of Human Design, this use of a geometry based on five is heretical to Human Design. Human Design is based ultimately in an esoteric explanation known as Bhan Tugh, where the union and completeness of the universe is a duality, or biverse. That biverse has four flowing interacting qualities. These four qualities have a flowing fifth space between them and these five flowing qualities are the fabric of everything here and now, mapping onto the five bases.

This is perhaps too technical, but it is very important for both legal and conceptual reasons to grasp that the Venus Sequence leaps away from Human Design at a very deep level.

That is not to say that we can know for sure this or that is true, but my advice is to remember that there are people involved who care very much about copyright and the purity of ideas, leading to silly situations. Richard Rudd remains one of the greatest writers on Human Design, and with a passion I will not hide, I want respect and frienship to continue between Ra and Richard, and those of us who dare to be ourselves in this muddle.



In the explanations of The Venus Sequence, the mother's egg is ruptured by the father's semen and a new universe, or maya, is begun. That moment on your chart is the place Mars was 88 degrees of solar retrograde before your birth. It is impossible to track such glib information with standard mathematics nor the ideas of space and time derived from Euclid Descartes Newton and Einstein. In practical terms, the red number next to Mars, your Design Mars, "is" the sacred wound, where the conditioning of your ancestors passed into the foetus or embryo that still resonates in the flow of life as your body.

So your separate self at the deepest level is a wound in that gate and line, of your Design Mars. In My case, 58.5, and this means that the vibration of my wound, the unpleasantness of my existential vibration will tend to be the worst qualities of that gate Joylessness (when introverted) ranging to Interfering (when extroverted).


TVS describes the wounding of the human soul, emotions, and human heart, between birth and 3.5 years old, and the beginning of parental and environmental conditioning and this is your Design Venus gate and line. In my case 60.5: so my love is crushed on a cycle between Unstructured and Rigid.

There is a sense of weaving here in TVS, which is pleasant, intriguing to our human hands as well as our intellect, and delightful for those of us who dance naked in the endless beauty and landscape of conceptual thoughts.

Like threading a shoelace, the Venus Sequence pokes into "reality" the maya, consciousness enters material form as it were, through Design Mars. And here in between the orbits of Mars and Venus is our planet, Earth, beneath our feet and our bodies formed from the clay and elements trapped in the rotational ecstasy of what passes for here and now.

The shoelace, our snaking DNA essence perhaps, continues in the dark stillness of beyond, where time and space have not yet awoken, and emerges through Design Venus. And over to the other side, lacing us into creation on the planet between Mars and Venus, this embrace and ribbon dives through Personality Mars and will soon emerge again inevitably through Personality Venus, completing a quadrilateral knot.

So the "third" position or element in TVS theory is our defence strategy, how we coped as a child for the first seven years. My Personality Mars is in 63.2, so the wounded vibration of this early defence was Self Doubting (introverted) to Suspicious (Extroverted).


Sealing and completing the ultimate knot that traps you as consciousness into a material vehicle or form running on tramlines in a delusional maya, like some Disneyland ride through hell, your Personality Venus blocks up your health and your inner world.

My Personality Venus is 21.1 so my lock and the trigger to unlock me is trapped on the nastiness of Being Controlled and Controlling. This is a heart gate, my health is or was at risk, clearly.

Here I will explain that I have not attended the Venus course nor even had a professional reading. For £10 anyone may obtain a nice printout of their Venus Sequence and it arrived in the post this morning, I am busking through this in response. I do not agree with all the line 4 beings who insist this has to travel eye to eye through an analyst, I have not one line 4 in my chart, I also tend to succeed where others fail and fail where others succeed, so this is my being myself, universalising this with my way of explaining: with my sun/earth in 23.5/43.5. One reason I did not attend Richard's seminar is the inefficiency of his explanations, on my own Himalayan scale of expectations. Another is the sick auras in every seminar room.

No doubt all this digression and every other aspect of my life and communication either fits into The Venus Sequence or not, into Human Design or not, and that is for others to notice now, I am in in here just flowing in the tide now, I don't really need to stop and wonder about that any more.


These four reference points in the Human Design chart give a new viewpoint. Which is that the planets either side of earth, male and female in our mythology, Mars the penetrator, Venus to absorb penetration, these two planets weave and enclose us in a tied bundle of blood and thinking that opens through personality Venus and threads back to Design Mars.

In the £10 reading that arrived by post this morning, this Trigger Point (Personality Venus) is selected for special comments including a list of specific line values, underlining the theory that this is where to start to unravel the road to your salivation. So fair enough that this is called the Venus Sequence.


Next in the explanation of the Venus Sequence is design Jupiter: the planet beyond Mars and the asteroids. Ra has said that most stars are twin systems, and our own sun is twinned to an astronomical body known technically as a brown dwarf, that broadcasts electromagnetism rather than light. Jupiter.

Jovian Archive, Ra's own website is named after Jupiter, by Jove.

TVS names Design Jupiter as revealing the blockage to wealth, and synchronicity, and this is the final time TVS takes words from the "not-self" duality of nasty ways a gate can be expressed. My design Jupiter is in 50, the chronic vibration here is irresponsible/overloaded. So my true destiny is apparently stuck in this vibration unless I can break free, with an inner timing held within my unconscious for my later life.


The Venus sequence now recycles all these five gates one more time in the positive ideal vibration, before finally completing the journey with a leap of the shoe lace across to the saintly column of Richards Spectrum of Consciousness with Personality Jupiter.

Please remember, if you already know your human design, all the keywords are already on your chart and this is a selection of just six gates, or less, from your chart as a story that is declared to have mythic significance. Again, I must say that we can verify that empirically without eye to eye tribal contact.

If in fact the essence of this is meeting people and passing the message like a lighted flame from heart to heart, and that is how the Venus Sequence is currently presented, unlike Human Design, then the empirical checking is muddied and irrelevent. Whatever sails your boat to the destination, as it were, but clearly the Venus Sequence explicitly today needs that personal contact as if the fractal is the magic, that is the people you meet in your life, not the cold data of a chart at all.

Human Design makes no such claim, although in practical terms it is almost impossible to obtain a reading and understand it without some eye to eye smell and touch contact with someone who trained with someone who trained with Ra. That is a practical detail but Human Design claims the knowledge exists independently within the books and charts and interpretations. The Venus Sequence claims you must join the tribe or never get to climb their mountain.

My Sacred Wound is my Design Mars that left me in a destitute vibration between joyless and interfering. If and when I unravel my knot through that Trigger and melt through these four locks, I may change each stage to the ideal. My wound, embraced and sorted, would be Vitality.

Richard describes a chain reaction from this point where the "attractor field" (aura?) begins to change, presumably attracting better people and situations into your maya or life or reality or journey. Very nice too.


My wounded soul, and love, in 60, twisting and writhing from Unstructured to Rigid, potentially elevates into Realism -> Gaia. Now here, from this point, Richard lists both the ideal human form and the ideal saintly or godly form. Note that the Saintly form of Design Mars alone is revisited as a separate step and so Design Mars features THREE times on the list of the Venus Sequence. In my view an anomaly too far, because I do not think sequentially or need a list when this is clearly a graphical bubble that flows. The anomaly is, specifically, that Design Mars features twice and Personality Jupiter appears not to have any nasty side. Well, wheels within wheels, to my mind the list duplicates to make 12 items, to avoid the odd number 11.

To quote Richard, I like this bit "Fractal Healing changes all the relationships around you." Yes, your fractal is the people you meet in your life, your relationships in other words as a totality. You never meet some people, your fractal is the people met personally during a lifetime. Not only do others heal as you do, but your physical body also heals or changes when you reach this level of healing, according to TVS. I'll have fries with that.


My defence as a child mapped to Personality Mars in 63 as Self Doubting /Suspicious. If I can release that early childhood defence, the ideal form of 63 is Inquiry at the human level and Truth at the godly.

Hm. Come along now, don't dawdle, and Michael, close your mouth, you are not a fish!

Richard comments that Creativity Adventure and Innocence are freed here, and we smooth our links to both parents and children as we shift on the spectrum of consciousness from nastiness to radiance and divinity.

Remember this is personality Mars, so it is our character, unlike the design data, this is conscious, who we think we are.


Back to the trigger point, resolving this: through honesty apparently: opens the world to healing power and light from our vector, our position in space and time, our self, we become vehicles for the light. Now this is very different from Human Design. At this point I sense a real ! something that so many people complain was lacking in Human Design. Interesting, from my social science training, viewing this as cultural anthropology. Anyway.

My Trigger Point or Love, Conscious Venus, is in 21.1 Fear of Being controlled ranging to fear of controlling. If you do not grasp these words, just step inside me for a moment, there is great power and relevance in this for me I must say. Recently I have flowed into new joys and this shift is often located around these issues, indeed. Lifting these to the ideal, my opportunity is to be an Authority, aha! And if I dare to be divine, my spectrum of consciousness enters valour. Sorry Valour with a capital V.


Money money money. "as the fractal lines open up, the correct amount of wealth comes to us." Rather! Bring it on , I say. Oh Fractal Lines is it, you mean people I meet? Mm Mm mm mm mmmmm. OK.

Expansion. A keyword for Jupiter, and this is beyond the foursome of Mars and Venus Designed and Personalised, this is Design Jupiter, jumping from the blockage of Irresponsible/Overloaded to the ideal of Virtue and the saintly hum of Harmony.

The dismantling of poverty or greed consciousness. I must ask my friendly neighbourhood Saddhu about that! Where did I put his email, his phone number!


Richard, what is this? Oh it is the bit you left out of step 6, Embracing the wound, stuffed over here as number 11 to make 12 in total.

Say no more. All was already said in step 6. Here the ideal we mentioned there: in my case Vitality: ascends to heaven as Bliss.

Keep it coming, I like it. As Richard says, there is no wound at all, it was just language. Bliss. Welcome my darling, come a sit with me.


Ah, through this sacred journey we finally get to somewhere new, Personality Jupiter. Ancestral lines are mentioned, not sure that I grasp that today, never mind. What? I have to see a proper consultant. Bother.

Well, I kind of agree. Miracles, shall we consider that empirically, professor? Vicar? Mother? Kids, what do you think?

I think if we reach miracles, are we still posting crap on the Forum?

Re:The Venus Sequence

Richard kindly emailed me with some corrections to my rather superficial review.

Briefly this is not a linear sequence, but a structure flattened onto paper for convenience.

The upgrade from the ideal to the divine level of consciousness and expression occurs at the apparent position where I was confused 11 and 12, but these are all listed (as if in brackets) for convenience and also to whet the spiritual appetite.

Finally Richard pointed out that the details of all the lines, omitted in the basic printout, are key information every individual would also need.

Well, once again this is not official Human Design but a separate branch with a different flavour.

Concepts cannot be the solution, so be careful to dance your life to your own melody.