Splenic Center


Defined: 53%
Undefined: 47%
Biological correlation: lymphatic system, spleen, B-Cells
Type of Center: awareness
Function: body consciousness, intuition, instinct, taste, survival, fears about survival that keep us healthy.
Defined: fixed way of body consciousness to stay healthy, can be spontaneous, can trust gut feeling, gives sense of well-being (“feel-good”) to others, fixed way of processing fear, leads to a sense of security. best treated with allopathic medicine (conventional western medicine).
Open: open to unspecific fears that can result in not feeling good, can become addicted to the “feel good” that others may bring; the fear is never theirs - it comes from outside. Spontaneity can kill them, must pay attention to health, must give the immune system a chance to learn, can be a wonderful diagnosis tool because it picks up on disease patterns of others, as long as it learns not to hold on to them (makes a great doctor but a terrible nurse). best treated with alternative (non chemical) medicine.
Not Self Strategy of defined spleen : ignore their instincts in the moment, let their mind or other people's emotions overwhelm their instincts.
Not Self Strategy of open spleen : are you still holding on to things that are not good for you? Can become dependent on relationships or habits to get the feel good splenic connection.

Diagram: Lymphatic vessels
Lymphatic vessels form a circulatory system that operates in close partnership with blood circulation.

The Body's First Line of Defense

The elements of the immune system, called Lymphatics, are positioned throughout the body as organs, ducts, vessels and nodes (interestingly, the only place they aren't found is in the central nervous system, which relates to the solar plexus). 28% of all the cells in the body are lymphatic!

The major parts of the lymphatic system are the bone marrow, spleen, thymus gland, lymph nodes, and the tonsils. Other organs, including the heart, lungs, intestines, liver, and skin also contain lymphatic tissue.

The lymphatic system circulates a watery clear fluid called lymph. This fluid distributes immune cells through the body. The word "lymph" in Greek means a pure, clear stream - an appropriate description considering its appearance and purpose.

While the lymph nodes filter the lymph, the spleen, at the upper left of the abdomen, filters blood. Together they create a constant screening network that few harmful foreign microbes can escape.

Diagram: Immune system organs
Organs and tissues of the immune system dot the body in a protective network.

Killer Cells

The two major classes of lymphatic immune cells are B cells which grow to maturity in the bone marrow, and T cells which mature in the thymus (see the 26th gate in the ego section for info on the thymus and T cells).

B cells create constantly evolving antibodies to fight against the onslaught of external threats. The process is one of ongoing mutation and requires extreme vigilance by the immune system.

These antibodies circulate in the blood and lymph streams, attaching to foreign antigens and thus marking them for destruction by other immune cells, especially the deadly T-cells.

The Health Center - working 24/7

The splenic center is what literally keeps us from being eaten up by the millions of harmful bacteria, fungus, and microbes floating around. The spleen is the body's washing machine and watch dog combined.

The effectiveness of keeping harmful microbes out is based on how aware the spleen can remain. If it misses a second, it opens the door for millions of harmful elements to take hold of the body. That is why the spleen is an existential awareness - awareness in the now.

vIt is crucial for a person with splenic authority to trust their instincts in the now; it is the healthiest thing they could do. In fact, it is the only thing that keeps them alive. When a splenic person ignores their instincts (usually by listening to the mind or emotions) they are telling their spleen to stop doing it's job.

B cells
B cells become plasma cells, which produce antibodies when a foreign antigen triggers the immune response.

What is healthy for us may not make sense intellectually or can cause emotional conflict. Take for example an animal right activist whose instincts tell them to start eating meat. Do they trust their instincts or stick to what they think and feel is right? If they have splenic authority and want to remain healthy the answer is a big fat steak, medium rare!

Splenic authority needs to be honored no matter what! If you are splenic you need to accept that right now. And now. And now, and now...



Every gate in the spleen is associated with a specific fear. A defined spleen is attuned to all of the fears of each splenic gate, with the gates of the defined channel(s) being the most dominant. Also, all the fears are basically a fear of not surviving.

The fears by gate are:

50 – Fear of Responsibility
48 – Fear of Inadequacy
57 – Fear of the Future
44 – Fear of the Past
32 – Fear of Failure
28 – Fear of Death, risk taking
18 – Fear of Authority

50th and 6th Gates



A person with a defined splenic center is not healthier than an undefined splenic center. As we have seen with the other centers, your health can be impacted by many things and in many areas, regardless of definition. It is all about following strategy and authority.

Defined or not, the spleen keeps all the other centers healthy and free of harmful external elements. If it is undefined it might do it less regularly, but it will still do it as much as you need. Of course, living your strategy is the deciding factor.

What can happen to somebody with an undefined spleen is that they might come into contact with a defined spleen and all of a sudden feel a little sick. The undefined spleen's washing machine gets turned on and the body starts it's cleansing process, which initially might release the dirt from the cells into the lymphatic system, much like dirt from clothes going into the water.

Likewise, the undefined spleen might pick up the aspects of the other person that are not healthy, which could also make them mirror the symptoms. The open spleen can be wise in this way.

Splenic Gates in the wheel

Design of Forms
All living organisms beyond the single cell have a splenic awareness (no ajna or solar plexus)

Two Healers - Both Splenicly Aware

In terms of the splenic awareness, lets look at it through examples of two kinds of healers.

First are the open spleen people who instinctually channel what is wrong with you by taking it in themselves. They are intuitive healers who use their open spleen to take in illness and learn about it.

They often have a large repertoire of healing modes depending on the need. Holistic healing works in this way. This is like a person with an open ajna being able to read your mind or take in many different ways of thinking.

The second type is the defined spleen. They also use their instincts but instead of being open to your illness, their style is to push their health onto you. As long as they are healthy this works.

Traditional western medicine works in this defined spleen way but it is not limited to this. A holistic healer with a defined spleen could channel their own health into the other person. How they do that practically varies greatly. This is similar to the defined ego that boosts other people's ego.

On the patient side, open spleen people can use homeopathic and holistic forms of medicine more effectively because of their sensitivity. Defined spleens might need something more powerful.

If you have a defined spleen, you have a strong immune system that's working, provided you live your strategy. The moment that illness really comes to the surface, your immune system is already overloaded. These are people who carry things around inside of them for a long time before it comes to the surface. And when it does it hits hard.

Also, the child with the open spleen needs more time to recover from minor colds etc if they are to be become healthy adults. Children with defined spleens can get very ill quickly or run very high temperatures, scaring the hell out of their parents. Of course, they recover quicker too.


Hooked on Feeling Good

If you've got an undefined splenic system you don't have an internal feel good mechanism that is consistent. Since the 'feel-good' hormones are pumped by the defined spleen, there's this sense of not quite feeling right when the spleen is not activated. The lymph fluid isn't draining consistently and thus you feel more prone to threats. There are many fears connected to the spleen because of this instinctual awareness of ill health possibilities.

With the open spleen, because you don't feel good you're a sucker for anybody that's going to hook up your splenic system. Undefined splenic people should not get lost in the need to have their spleen connected, despite the temptations. That knee-jerk need for the feel-good is dangerous unless they're really aware.

Who you take in in your life is dependent on where your authority is, not dependent on how you connect mechanically to someone. In order to accept somebody in your life there is a place of authority within you that says that this is correct or not - that's the criterion - not simply getting the definition. For the open spleen there will be a mechanical attraction to the defined spleen regardless of whether that person is good for you. Living your strategy will guide the mechanics, not the other way around.

Three Awareness Centers
The spleen (awareness in the now) can be overpowered by the mind (awareness over all time). The mind in turn can be overpowered by the solar plexus (awareness in a wave)