Solar Plexus Center

Defined: 50%
Undefined: 50%
Biological correlation: kidney, prostate, pancreas, complex neuron network of the solar plexus, nervous system, lungs
Type of Center: motor, awareness
Function: seeing our fears through nervousness, experiencing the gamut of emotions: moods, desires, sensitivity.
Defined: no truth in the now, spontaneity can kill you, clarity comes over time, waiting out the wave is always the inner authority, the emotional wave is part of your life you can never get rid of it. Depth and perspective as qualities of emotional wisdom.
Open: avoids conflict, ‚don’t rock the boat’, tries to lead a ‘secret life’, takes in lots of emotions until it bursts, empathic, avoids all emotional decisions, emotions always are conditioned by its surroundings, doesn’t identify with the emotions, can be a loose cannon, lies to itself about its secret life, seeks the high end of the wave and avoids the low.
Defined Not Self Strategy: try to live in the moment and ignore their emotions over time, let their mind or other people's emotions overwhelm their own emotions.
Undefined Not Self Strategy: Are you still doing whatever it takes to avoid truth and confrontation?

Without the solar plexus we wouldn't feel a thing.

Second Brain
There is a vast network of nerves surrounding the esophagus, stomach and intestines of such complexity that it is called the "second brain." It's real name is the enteric nervous system and it has more neurotransmitters than anywhere else in the entire nervous system.

Very little is know about this area, but what was once dismissed as a simple collection of relay ganglia, scientists now recognize it as independent of the brain proper--i.e., having a mind of its own.

The enteric brain expresses itself nonverbally in visible "gut reactions." The "full" feeling of satisfaction, the "sick" feeling of nausea, the urge to vomit, and abdominal pain. It is the central hub of the solar plexus center around which the other solar plexus elements (kidney, prostate etc) are coordinated.

Central Nervous System

Central Nervous System
The central nervous system runs through the brain, spinal cord, and an enormous network of nerves throughout the body, especially right under the skin. It's the control center for the entire body. The body uses information it receives from nerves to coordinate all actions and reactions.

The nervous system is made up of thin threads of nerve cells, called neurons, that carry messages back and forth, similar to telephone wires. Humans have about 100 billion neurons in their brain alone.

Sensory nerves send messages to the brain through the spinal cord in the backbone, motor nerves carry messages from the brain to the muscles and glands.

When a neuron is stimulated -- by heat, cold, touch, sound vibrations or some other message -- it generates an electrical pulse that travels the full length of the neuron. When it gets to the end of finger-like points at the end of the neuron, the electrical pulse triggers the release of chemicals that carry the pulse to the next cell. And so on and so on and so on.

The chemical trigger is one of the reasons why the solar plexus is such a biochemical entity, going up and down in it's wave, not for any particular reason but merely due to the body's chemicals.



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Unlike the Spleen and Ajna, the Solar Plexus is not a fully developed awareness. It is still undergoing mutation, much like a caterpillar coming out of it's cocoon. It's final stage is still unknown to us.

Located in the male pelvis the prostate belongs to the endocrine system. It has thousands of tiny fluid-producing glands that secrete prostatic fluid, the main component of semen.

Just like prostatic fluid carries the sperm cells in semen, the solar plexus envelops the fertility of the sacral center. If you are an emotionally defined generator, you respond with the sacral center but it has to be carried along by the emotional process. The response and emotional experience flow together.

Some sources say that prostate cancer kills more men than any other malignancy. This rise in prostate cancer is relatively recent, and in Design terms is an indication of the mutation the that solar plexus is undergoing in the 55th gate via the amino acid Histidine. Autism in children is also another indication of this mutation.

The pancreas produces enzymes that break down food and secretes hormones that affect carbohydrate metabolism. The emotional process is very connected to our eating. When not following your strategy this can create stomach problems and eating disorders

Kidney and Lung
The kidneys and lung both cleanse the body. The kidneys cleanse the blood, turning impurities into urine. The lungs take in clean oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. One of the best ways to eradicate negative emotions is through correct breathing.


Biology and Emotions
The basic task of the solar plexus to help detoxify the body with its motor capacity. It moves everything along so that is is processed correctly and the waste is passed outside the body. The solar plexus processes and discards three main elements:

   solid mater via intestines (channel 41-30)
   fluid via kidneys (channel 19-49)
   gases via the lungs (39-55)

The word emotion (e-motion) means to move things forward so they can be eliminated in the end. If the motor for some reason is not allowed to run this way it no longer gets things out and the waste builds up in the body.

A defined solar plexus center processes these elements more regularly than an undefined solar plexus. The open solar plexus might not always have access to the motor's energy, but if they live their strategy they will be able to process it eventually.

This concept of the emotions as a forward moving motor is important. If you are not able to let go of the past due to some emotional block, the solar plexus motor can not do it's job correctly. Things get blocked and your system becomes toxic.

If a person, regardless of solar plexus definition, stores or remains focused on old anger, grief, shame, feelings of guilt etc. over a long time then the emotion does not move forward but rather inward (in-moting). If they don't spit out, breathe out, defecate, pee, sweat, or release the negative emotions via tears then they do not allow the emotions to be moved forward in their process. This damages the organs involved and results in illness such as asthma, stomach ulcers, stones in the kidneys, gas in the guts and so on.

An emotionally defined person needs to process their own emotions correctly, by neither venting them too quickly or keeping them in too long. A person with an undefined solar plexus needs to be aware of the emotions around them so that they don't get trapped in an emotional process that is not theirs.

Half the population on earth has a defined solar plexus and goes up and down in an emotional wave. The other half of the world, with their open solar plexus, simply amplify this wave because they don't understand the mechanics! And they are driven blindly by these forces.

The open solar plexus people usually end up doing two general things:
1. They do whatever they can to avoid the emotional wave. This means not speaking what they really think or avoiding dealing with a situation that could cause an emotional reaction. It leads to all sorts of compromise, miscommunication and eventually leads to even more emotional problems. As we saw above, to avoid emotions can cause blockage of the body.
2. They amplify the emotional wave from the people around them. This results in emotional outbursts and issues. But the emotions aren't theirs. It is like taking somebody else's medicine. Not a good idea.

Usually the open emotional people bounce between these two extremes. The clear open solar plexus person is able to feel the emotions within them and be able to see who is giving them those emotions. They do not run away from the emotions, nor do they let the emotions push them into making decisions or saying things. They simply watch and share what the other person is feeling, giving them the time and space to ride through the whole wave. This is compassion.

The defined solar plexus people tend to live in a world of shame and blame. They are ashamed of their emotional outbursts and they blame others for their emotions. "It's your fault I'm sad." When ashamed, they try to hold their emotions in and stifle the feelings, resulting in health issues. The emotions usually come out anyway but in a more distorted and destructive way.

Or the defined solar plexus person acts immediately on the first feeling that hits them. This spontaneous action creates emotional chaos when the feeling moves into another point in the wave. If they are happy they marry you, if they are sad they diverse you.


A Wave

The emotional center goes up and down in a biochemical wave. This wave can be a few seconds long or several years. A defined solar plexus will have millions of waves intertwined. Each circuit has a distinct wave style. The three streams are the tribal, individual and collective, with the keynotes Need/Passion/Desire respectively. Furthermore, each channel has minor emotional keynotes:

19/49 NEED


30/36 DESIRE

The tribal wave slowly builds and crashes quickly . Imagine a family that works hard to build a good life. Things are going good, life is getting better. And then one day somebody is hit by a car. From one moment to the next the emotions crash.

The tribal emotional keynote is Need. The most basic theme underlying need is sensitivity (19-49). These are the most most sensitive or insensitive or oversensitive beings beings on the planet. Their sensitivity builds slowly, but can plummet very quickly and they become insensitive to your needs, for example.

The (49/37) is the ratchet/snap wave. Ratcheting is two steps forward and one step back. Like a car stuck in snow or ditch, rocking back and forth to build momentum to get out of the spot. If you say something they feel is insensitive you may not get a reaction in the moment. It takes time to build, to ratchet up to a point of snapping. They take it in and sit with it but inside it is building up, and then with no real event of consequence, maybe a slight transgression or look, they snap. Their emotions explode.

The 59/6, although tribal, is an exception. It works as an idle/stall stall energy. In this case the crash is a stall. For example, since this is the channel of intimacy, stalling creates the pleasure of orgasm. It is the reopening and the returning on of the motor that floods the being with pleasure after a slow build up to climax. This channel is an exception becuase the 6th gate actually embodies all three of the other wave energies.

The individual (55/22) passion is vastly different from need. Need is need in the basic sense. If you want to see what human being really need in this life then go to the source of need (19) and you’ll see the need for proper resources, shelter, god, food, and partner is all there. If you do not have this it immediately creates problems in the tribe.

But passion is not about need. Passion is rubbing two sticks together and building a fire that’s so hot, it cracks the rocks underneath. Passion does not burn like an immediate fire like desire. Passion often starts very cool. This is a channel of emoting and putting the emotion out. The 39-55 is born theatrics like Marlon Brando. It is about getting the emotions out.

The wave of the individual is spike/lock. It is difficult to read the emotional quality of the individual. Almost all are operating in a lock state. The nature of where that lock is goes back to the very beginning of their process in this life. Individuals don’t really wave, they spike and when they spike, they lock.

If a 39-55 child has a traumatic experience when they are young they can end up with a locked frequency at a certain level and may stay slightly below or above this level that is considered a norm and it is very hard to read them.

The passion and its connection to the lock are at the very mystery of romantic love. The passion can build to such a point that one is locked into that passion. This is where you have the tradition of unrequited love. You spend a lifetime enthralled and adoring somebody you can never have and yet not feeling unfulfilled.

When you are dealing with individuality and mutation, there is a deep potential for depression. This is a deeply creative process leading up to the 12th gate. It is possible for individuals to be locked into deep spikes and never recover. There are many examples of creative beings who get locked into deep melancholies and depressions.

Desire (30/36) is not passion and doesn’t have a chance to grow. Desire must never be confused with need. It is one of the mysteries of the human experiential way that beneath the motor there is no consciousness. It is just a motor and part of the magnificence of the choicelessness of being.

The collective way shows us that we have no choice but to go from inexperience to experience, driven by desire. There is no choice at all. What is so dynamic in the nature of desire is that this is the crash and explode wave. There is nothing like the explosion at the end of a crash wave.

Not all of this has to be so dramatic. Many emotional beings regardless of their level of awareness begin to recognize the impact of their emotional field one way or the other. Many of these beings feel guilty for being emotional. The solar plexus center is one of the great binaries. It has horror and the absolute of the pleasure that it can bring. Unfortunately there is so much not-self emotional, no truth in the now blundering on the planet and we all have to live with the aftermath of it.

The process of desire is never about satisfaction. It can never be satisfied. Satisfaction is logical. It’s in the 18-58. You can never be satisfied if you are ruled by desire. It can only bring you more desire. Without it we would still be hunter/gathers. The desire drives us forward at a great pace.

c Stanton

Emotional Mastery

There is no way to master your emotional system. It is much more powerful then you are. You can’t make it do what you want. It is fun to look at all this stuff and understand how it works. This doesn’t mean you can change it. The point is to be clear, both for defined (clear of their own emotions) and undefined (clear of the emotions of others).

Those that have gone through a seven year de-conditioning process have a level of smoothness in the vibration of the wave they put out into the consciousness field. An open emotional being encountering this wave recognizes this is a wave that doesn’t have to be avoided. It doesn’t trigger that. It is where every emotional being has a right to be.

Emotional beings are here to know the pain and pleasure of need, passion and desire. To be correct when you ratchet, snap, spike, lock, crash and explode. Then it’s not just right for the individual, but for all those that have to deal with that being. Emotional beings are told in any analysis of their design to only trust what you feel. It is important to recognize that the awake emotional being transforms the planet we live on and changes the frequency.

Half the generators are emotional. This is the emotionalization of frustration. It is a thick soup that we can barely get through. All you can do is follow your line of geometry and see where it takes you. It’s one by one. One emotional person at a time coming to grips with what it means to be an emotional being.

This is an enormous transformation that is not selfish because every emotional being that transforms themselves transforms a piece of the environment. Anyone that comes into their aura is affected. All it takes is a slow acceptance of the time it takes for de-conditioning.

It's Time

Emotional beings have a problem with time. They fear they are going to miss something. It’s not that they are thinking this; it’s the pressure they feel from the motor. It wants to release. The magic for anyone that is emotional is if you are acting correctly, slowly but surely your emotional system will begin to get it. It begins to see the advantages.

Emotional beings have a different type of potential awareness then anyone else because of the nature of the frequency. A splenic being grasps everything in the moment. A mental being is stuck with everything forever. The emotional person goes through the wave process. The focus remains the same, but the focus goes through a complete spectrum and nobody grasps circumstances and the other better than an emotional being. It is what they are made for if they wait.

Communication and Awareness

The emotional system has the ability to communicate on a deep level. We are not at that point of solar plexus development just yet. We feel emotions from others but it is still a fuzzy communication. The rave children who will be born after and around the year 2027 will literally be able to communicate through the solar plexus.

Any emotional being moving through the spectrum with the same focus can grasp things at a profound level that may not be able to be articulated as a concept (yet). But that understanding is still powerful. They don't sense the spontaneity of a splenic hunch, which can also be gone in an instant. It is a depth of feeling unlike any other quality that human beings can have. It is profound clarity.

The magic of clarity is the joke. Clarity is not the same as the truth and clarity can never be 100%. It can only be 99% clear. The magic of emotional awareness and the potential of spirit consciousness is to understand that there is a potential at any moment for the game to change entirely. With the emotional process you can't be 100% sure of anything since the wave is a moving energy.

When an emotionally defined person to understands this and lives it, they are truly powerful, deep beings. The people with open solar plexus can partake in that depth if they also understand the emotional mechanic and where it is coming from.