Right Angle Profile - 2/5

In the 2/5 the second line theme of personality remains. We have seen the significance for this personality in being called. It is important to remember that being called is unavoidable and that the calls themselves may prove more irritating than enlightening. Such a personality tends to mind its own business and expects that in others. The hermit tendencies, however, are undermined by the unconscious and its social orientation. This can lead the personality to abdicate to the majority, accept a new foundation and hope that once that is done that it will be left alone.

Since the projected attitude of the second line personality is the democrat, we can see in this profile, what Americans refer to as the silent majority. Powerful forces of conformity and the status quo. To be endowed with this profile is to have the opportunity in the life to have deep impact on others. To be a force to be reckoned with in the lives of others. This is not the aloneness that underlines the fourth line theme of direction. The direction of the fifth line is attractiveness.

In the hexagram structure, the first line expresses the essential nature and the fifth line is what is projected as the essential nature by others. In the metaphor of the hexagram as a house, the fifth line is the second floor and its windows looking down on the street below. Unlike the second line with its clear view for anyone walking by, the windows above hold a mystery. There is something to see and yet no way to see into it. And no way to know for sure whether or not they are being seen while they are busy trying to see!

This 5th line is not the hermit. This is not the fourth line with its opportunistic nature. The 2/5 profile is the hermit/heretic.

When called, it will not simply abdicate and change its way of being in the now. It will attempt to universalize the call as the general, ready to burn at the stake in honor to the call. Mystically it is the fifth line that calls others. To have a fifth line unconscious, regardless of the personality, is to always be subject to the projection of others.

The aura does the talking. If you have a fifth line theme in your profile, when you step into somebody's aura, you illicit immediately their projection. Of course that projection will be dualistic in nature. It will be this or that. It will be either a good projection or a negative projection, and the net result always impacts on reputation. The fifth line calls the other. In this profile, the unconscious can call the conscious to action. The commands of an inner voice.

The true universalizing call is rare. But this is the inherent theme at the heart of this profile. The fifth line carries with it the quality of the general. In the language of Human Design, this is the general on the Athenian model. In ancient Athens, when the democracy and the democrats were unable to protect or guide the city, a general was selected and offered complete dictatorial power for as long as it took to resolve the problem. Once that had been accomplished, the general was expected to step down for the benefit of the democracy.

The democratic theme of the second line, operates throughout. However, it is only when the majority is in crisis, that the 2/5 has its possibility. Only in times of crisis, can it receive the call, transform and begin to call others.

Keep in mind that if you carry a fifth line theme in your design it demands practicality. It demands practical solutions. When the 2/5 profile is called, if it is not possible to see practical application in that call it can only result in failure and it can only result in the deterioration of the 2/5's reputation.

The fifth line unconscious carries the theme of the savior. Those who are drawn to the openness of the 2/5 will expect to be saved by their call. If they are not, they will call them seducers and they will burn them at the stake. For this reason it is essential that fifth lines be pragmatic and practical (i.e. for themselves). That determines whether or not the 2/5 is going to get involved in universalizing.

It is interesting to note that the 2/4 profile, once transformed by the majority, can return to its house in peace and go about its business. When the 2/5 profile remains in its house too long, it can attract suspicion and distrust or disappointment and disillusionment from the expectant majority.

The 2/5 profile has a basic dilemma. Its second line personality wants to be left alone. It just wants to be able to go about its own business. The unconscious however, has a deep capacity to be able to lead and guide others through its ability to universalize.

When the 2/5 profile is called and then calls others, it is projected on them that they are the self-less distributors, bringing practical value into the lives of those that they call. When they're alone, either un-called or refusing to call others, the projection is that they are selfish hoarders and that they do not care. Un-called, they will respond to the majority with discipline. But once called, they can lead any rebellion against any standard at any cost.

As with all profiles, the 2/5 profile should operate according to its Type. The Type is going to set the foundation for entering into things correctly. It is important to recognize that once you live out the mechanics of your type, that your profile, your purpose, will naturally flow. This is not about you having to do anything other than you to recognize and experiment.

The 2/5 profile that acts according to its design is going to have chances. It is going to have the possibility of both being called and calling others and will enjoy the fruits of the positive projections that derive from their ability to bring others to a practical solution.