Human Design System Basics

human design bodygraph example

How to use the Human Design System
If you were put in a room with no lights you could feel your way around in the dark and become familiar with the room. But it would take time and you wouldn't have the full picture. This is a lot how we get to know ourselves. It is an inexact exploration and is slow going.

Human Design, however, turns on the lights and lets you see the room immediately. It says: "This is how you work. This is what makes you happy. This is what you should do in life. Now stop dragging your feet and go do it!"

The most common feedback analysts get from clients after a reading is, "It is amazing a complete stranger can know me so well."

The Human Design System - How Simple is it?
Human Design shows the blueprint of who you are, like a car owner's manual. It has all the details of how you work.

Unlike a car manual, though, this is easy to understand and interesting.

Human Design has terms such as Centers, Channels, Gates, and Lines and there is no end to the depth you can go. But on the surface it is very easy and you can get everything you need at the basic level.

Overview Article
The Human Design System is a tool for looking at the mechanics of life, most importantly YOUR life. Everything has a blueprint. Whether it be a galaxy or single cell - there is a structure to life that allows things to take on shape. Without this structure there would be no differentiation of form.

Four Types
Humans are made up of four types that have different ways of making decisions and different roles in life.

The types are: Generators, Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors.

What is Human Design
The Human Design System has it's own language but it synthesizes several other tools: Molecular Biology, the I' Ching, Astrology, and the Hindu Chakra System, to name a few.

The basis of the tool lies in the correlation between the moment of our birth and the imprinting of our molecular code from Neutrinos, which are passing through the universe picking up and dropping off information. Once we are imbedded with that first imprinting it is the basis of who we are.

Regardless of the experiences in our lives that shape us, there will always be aspects that are either fixed or malleable in us that were hardwired at birth. That was our first impression, so to speak.

The Human Design System relies on the bodygraph to graphically show how this imprinting works for each separate being. The bodygraph is like a circuit board which is wired differently for each person. Some circuits are fixed, others are not. The way the wires are set up will determining what type the person is, as well as their most intimate characteristics.

human design system bodygraph

Centers, Channels, Gates, and Lines
The bodygraph has nine centers that represent different parts of our biology and psychological make-up. The centers are connected to each other by Channels. On each end of a channel is a Gate. There are sixty four gates in total, just like in the I' Ching.

The Gates are further differentiated by six subcategories of the gate, and these are called Lines. The lines are in turn broken up into categories. This continues, downwards, each time getting smaller and more exacting. Life is very complex, and this movement from broad to minute traces the many differences we have.

human design system explanation
All the elements in your chart contribute to your story. In the example above the channel 2-14 is called the Keeper of Keys. Gate 25 is called Innocence. Their Undefined Ego center puts pressure on them to prove themselves.

So: If this person does not worry about proving themselves and if they innocently follow their own responses, then they can open doors for people because they will naturally have the key.

Depending on what our imprinting is at birth, these Centers, Channels, Gates and Lines etc, can either be defined or undefined. What is defined is what is fixed in us. What is undefined is changeable and inconstant in us. Our defined elements project out to the world. Our undefined elements receive other peoples' projections. This is how we are connected.