Heart or Ego Center


Defined: 35%
Undefined: 65%
Biological correlation: stomach, heart, gall bladder, thymus gland
Type of Center: Motor
Function: Ego and willpower, the material world, self esteem/worth
Defined: Consistent access to willpower, natural sense of self esteem/worth, fixed way of dealing with the material plane with deals, bargains and promises.
Open: Suffers due to not having consistent willpower- self esteem/worth decreases, finds it difficult to ask the appropriate price for its achievements, is unable to keep promises, has to learn to survive on the material plane, loves to spend money.
The rule of the undefined Ego is, ”don't make any promises ”

Not Self Strategy of open ego : Are you still trying to prove something to yourself and to others


Ego Center

In the section on the G center we see how the G center concerns our general direction in relation to the rest of the world, especially related to love and identity. We also see in the section on the head center how the head center concerns the direction of our intellectual consciousness. The ego center also effects our direction. It concerns our direction on the material plane - everything from how fat we are to how much money we have in our bank account to how many children we are sending to college.

The ego is unique in that it is the only center with an actual circuit named after it and surrounding it, and thus the Ego Circuit and the ego center are completely entwined. As you know it is all about financial security for the tribe (i.e. family, business, community, etc). The ego allows us to prove our worth on the material plane to the tribe.

So if you have an open ego center ask yourself: in what ways are you trying to prove yourself on the material plane to the tribe (i.e. your family, your job, your community). Is it with your car? Is it with your body? Is it with the long hours you work? Is it with the diplomas you hang on the wall? How are you wasting your energy trying to prove (or improve) yourself for the tribe?

If you have a defined ego center you can ask yourself the same questions, although the pressure is not as strong as somebody with an undefined ego. But we all feel the pressure. It is built into us with the Channel of the Materialist (21-45). Regardless of whether you have the channel, it is a tribal energy that we all feel and are exposed to.

Once you ask yourself what you are trying to prove, you can then ask yourself if you got into it correctly. Did you live your strategy? More importantly, this will make you aware the next time you feel the pressure so that you live your strategy.


The Ego has four different biological affiliations, much more than any other center. In spite of it having the second fewest gates after the head center, it has a massive biological role. It is the exact opposite of the throat center, which has many gates but only one biology. Here we have few gates but several biologies.

What does this mean? Basically, the throat performs one biological function to many areas, namely, metamorphosis of our whole being. The biology is metamorphosis and the area is everywhere via the many gates.

The heart center on the other hand performs several biological functions in an isolated area, namely, the material plane. The biology is varied (which we will look at below) but the area is focused on material well being. For the throat center the metamorphosis of material well being is only one of 11 of it's gates (gate 45). It is also focused on the metamorphosis of ideas (gate 56), the metamorphosis of emotional experiences (gate 35) and so on. For the ego center the only focus and output is via the 45th gate and it is about saying, "I have." Or "I don't have."

The ego center focuses it's energy (it is a motor) on the improvement and accumulation on the material plane, and this involves a large part of our day, using a large amount of our energy. The throat center via the 45th gate then plays the role of expressing that and metamorphosing it into sound and movement.

Let's look at the ego center gate by gate to get an overall understanding of the ego qualities.


     d 21 21- The Gate of Control
The function of the heart is to pump blood around the body. The heart's ability to contract is due to the presence of cardiac muscle in its wall which can work continuously without fatigue. The cardiac muscle is self-exciting. This is in contrast with skeletal muscle, which requires either conscious or reflex nervous stimuli. The heart's rhythmic contractions occur spontaneously, although the frequency or heart rate can be changed by nervous or hormonal influences such as exercise or the perception of danger.

The 21st gate relates to this heart muscle.

That's why the mantra of the 21 is to be in control. If they can't control their lives then on a very basic level they lose control over how their heart pumps, which obviously can cause major problems. If people with the 21 are in control of what they eat, what they wear and where they live, they keep their heart healthy.

d Bringing it back to the ego center overall, control is a major element of the ego center. Undefined egos can feel they aren't in control of their material direction. Defined egos can feel they need to control the material direction of others. Both can cause problems if not entered into correctly. Control issues are rampant in the world and they have a lot to do with people not understanding the mechanics of the ego center.


     d 26 - The Gate of the Egoist 26
The 26th gate relates to the thymus gland, which belongs to the endocrine system (like so many other centers) and is located in the upper anterior portion of the chest cavity. The thymus plays an important role in the development of the immune system in early life, and its cells form a part of the body's normal immune system. They are the famous T cells.

This gland creates a direct connection between the Ego and the Splenic system, both via the Channel of the Transmitter (26-44) and biologically, and is one of the most essential health channels.


In the development of the foetus, the ego related biologies develop before the splenic related biologies. Basically, there is an ego in a foetus before there is a spleen. The ego thymus designs the immune system and keeps on working on that immune system until the child is three years old. Then the thymus gland takes up the responsibility of defending the immune system. From the 44th gate we have the release of B-cells. From the 26th gate we have the release of T-cells. These are killer cells - their job is to kill things that invade the system.

The 26th gate is the Gate of Memory. It is the completion of the instinctive memory process and its completion within the ego. In other words, this is ego memory. But ego memory can be manipulated: "The fish was this big!" There may indeed have been a fish, but it's size, given the nature of the 26th gate, is open to over-exaggeration.

This is the ego's capacity to reach out and make contact with the community. As such, this is the Gate of the egoist. In business terms, this is the Gate of the Marketing Person - the ability to be able to go out there and say, "This is the best damned car you have ever encountered, and I'm going to give you the best damned price you've ever had with the longest guarantee. I swear my own daughter uses this car and it is incredibly good. Now, will that be cash or ...?" Exaggeration can become lies. But that is the fine line that the Egoist treads.

This process, don't forget, is about our immune system. It's sometimes good for your health to be an egoist. It is like the T-cells. When they see a health problem they bombard the threat with complete exaggeration until it is annihilated. Nothing is held back. The person buying that car willingly recognizes that they are being exaggerated to. But they like the idea of buying the best car. It is good for you and your family to have the best car. It duplicates what your T-cells are doing all the time: keeping your and your family alive in the best possible way. The car owner can then turn to their friends next door and say, "This is the best car, and the salesman gave me the best deal." And if the car breaks, don't worry, they've got the best mechanic in town to take care of it.

d Bringing it back to the ego center overall, the ego loves the feeling of getting ahead, that they are doing well and their family is doing well. And if it involves a little bit of exaggeration (ego inflation), then so be it. The ego likes to feel good about itself. The defined ego knows this and in the ideal world they can even make others feel good. But the flip side often happens: the defined ego makes others feel bad.

The undefined ego does not consistently have this energy to boost their ego, which can result in lack of feeling good about themselves - loss of self worth, the feeling that their car is less than adequate etc.


     d 51 - Gate of Shock 51
The 51st gate is associated with the gallbladder, a pear-shaped organ that stores bile (or "gall") until the body needs it for digestion. The bile is released when food containing fat enters the digestive tract.

This is the gate of shock because it is the gall of a fool to leap into the void. The 51 is part of the only non-tribal channel in the ego center - the Channel of Initiation (51-25). It is the way in which the ego empowers the Universal Love of the 25th gate. Without Universal Love, the heart turns to stone (gall bladder stones).

Imagine someone having the gall to jump from the 51st gate out of the tribal element into the unknown and finding their self (G center) on the other side. This is part of the Individual Centering Circuit. This Channel of Initiation is a very grounding channel. And on this side it is fueled by the gall energy of the ego center.


d Bringing it back to the ego center overall, the ego is not an awareness center, nor is it particularly subtle. It is full of gall, which is powerful enough on the biological level to digest almost anything you put in your mouth. On another level, the ego is able to get you through pretty much anything. It has the gall to do that.

The undefined ego is always uncertain whether they have the ego to accomplish something and this creates insecurity and lack of worth. They are always trying to prove they can accomplish what they set out to do, putting great pressure on their heart, stomach and gall bladder. Think heartburn, ulcers and heart attacks.

The defined ego knows their strength better than the undefined ego, but they can be reluctant to use it. Or they overdo it and become overly competitive, which causes problems too.


     d 40 - The Gate of Aloneness 40
The 40th gate is related to the stomach. Generally, the stomach's primary function is not the absorption of nutrients from digested food; this task is usually performed by the intestine. The main job of the stomach is to break down large food molecules into smaller ones, so that they can be absorbed into the blood more easily.

The human stomach is a highly acidic environment maintained by the secretion of hydrochloric acid. The stomach's interior can secrete 2 to 3 liters of gastric fluid per day.

The 40th gate is part of the Channel of Community. This is where church potlucks and community fundraisers happen. It is all about food and making sure the tribe has enough of it. Like all ego gates, it is also about the bargain. Nothing is free with the ego center. This gate says, "I'll work to get money if you buy the food and cook it." And if the bargain is not fulfilled then there will be consequences, regardless of whether that is taking out the garbage or helping build the community church.

Take for example the true story of an air force bomber pilot in the German Air Force. During the second world war he got shot down over the Ukraine and broke his hip when he hit the ground. He walked, sometimes dragging himself, across the 1,700 miles of enemy territory to get himself back to his village in Germany. By the time he arrived the war was over and the Germans had lost. Upon arrival at his village the villagers stoned him because he didn't win. "How dare you come back. You did not win," the villagers yelled. This is the harsh retribution of the ego circuit.

The 'I' comes out of the contraction and the process of releasing the acids in the stomach to break down the food. The more food in the belly, the more bile needed and the bigger the ego. When there is no food, the acid sits there and gets expressed in other ways. When you don't come through on the bargain it is like not giving food to the stomach. What is essential to the tribe is that the belly gets filled.

d Bringing it back to the ego center overall, nothing is a free ride with the ego. If you get a present from a person with a defined ego, they expect something in return, no matter what they tell you. Overall the ego is not subtle. It is like the acid in the stomach. The ego is concerned with very basic biological needs like food and a strong immune system. It can't afford to be subtle. The ego is here to assert its motor power to accomplish this.

Open egos feel a lot of pressure to fulfil the bargain. If they made a promise incorrectly they will not have the will power to fulfil the promise, resulting in problems to do with the heart, stomach and ultimately overall health. The defined ego can put others under pressure to prove themselves, which can also result is problems.



The ego has a very specific biological association with each of the four gates: heart, stomach, thymus, gall bladder. It's out of these four biological variations that the sum total the ego possessiveness of 'I' is expressed. This particular 'I' is a tribal identity - it's the ego identity that says, "I am the hunter (21). I am the fool (51). I am the egoist (26). I am the provider (40)."

We know that the throat center has only one gate for the tribe and community to express itself - with the possessive "I have" or "I don't have" of the 45th gate. The 45 is a Primary Gate of Action since the channel has a motor connected to a throat. It is the manifestation of the heart in the world. To have heart is something very different from love - it is a sense of communal concern. The needs of the tribe are dictated by the needs of these biological elements to keep the heart beating.

The tribe screams, "My child is sick. Don't tell me about your health programs for the future." Real caring and healing is nurtured in the tribe. This is the nature of its heart - to be concerned about the well-being of the tribe, and the well-being of the tribe is a possessive well-being.

We have difficulty with the ego because our mind is not comfortable with it (notice the tribe has no mental channels or gates). The ego is very blunt, almost crude from the perspective of the mind. Nor is the ego an awareness center, another thing that can make it appear "unaware".

The ego is here to hold our societies together so we feed each other and support each other. There is no ego in the knowing circuit, or logic and abstract collective circuit. Logic doesn't build communities and the abstract is always running away from them. The individual only cares about itself. Thus the ego process of feeding the tribe is not logical or collective. You do what you have to do to feed your family and community, regardless of whether it makes sense mentally, logically or ethically. The ego is here to care about humanity on the grass roots level.

The ego is a motor to make sure that our communities stay alive, that our bonds stay alive, that our products are sold, that there childcare, and there is protection, etc. People with defined egos need to feel secure and involved in these areas. People with undefined egos need to realize that they will never feel as secure as someone with the defined ego in these areas. Both need to live their strategy in order for it to unfold correctly.