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I like sex a lot and was wondering when I pick my prospective partners if there was a certain design that I should look for. I like it FREAKY! and often. I have the 35-36 channel and when I got my reading I was told that I am always looking for a new experience, what channels should I look for???? ASAP would help. Thank you very much.


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Top Dog your posts are really refreshing. Straight to the juice. SEX is important and for some people it is really really essential. The 35-36 is voracious for once off experiences. As you said elsewhere (I think it was you) - how can all this stuff be true? It cannot. Yet you are someone who wants real FREAKY experience and that is 35-36.

I have some advice. Forget the charts. You will draw the people into your life that you need for the experiences you want.

There are laws. There are experiences that we cannot tolerate - many of us have children and we want them alive and with a fair chance as anyone to a joyful life. Your own desires do not care about the law, and your urge is for adventure. You have a hunger for change.

How can you stop to check a chart to pick prospective partners? You sense opportunity, your most essential protection is respect. Respect. Choose within yourself what lines you do not cross, and for what reasons. But be aware that you are capable of any experience, with anyone, and never alone. Please keep a diary - write your experiences and when you are old and respectable, tell us all what you did.

The goal of the 35-36 is wisdom. Wisdom because you have been there and you have done that. The wisdom is simple - nothing ever lasts, and nothing ever lives up to the expectation. Nothing nothing nothing. So your expectation is worth much more than your actual fulfilment. Fulfilment just leaves you knowing either that you enjoyed it or you did not, and either way fulfilment bores you, you want something else now.

You do not have attachment to people within your sexuality. You have a genetic need to experience sexuality in all it's possible forms and also all of human experience, through the correcting lenses of your personality and your design. However others think of you, you have value for us all, and few have the courage to live as you must.

Stay out of jail. Choose a life partner, if you seek one, who either shares you sexual hunger for variety, or who gives you unlimited license to explore whenever you want and then return for companionship without sex. Burn the advice books on relationships, and know you are special and valuable and you can find honour in being you in a respectful way.

And remember, no truth in the now. Drink deep in your expectations, but prepare for despair. Prepare for despair in any attempt at fulfilment of your desires. And document your fantastic life!

Lovely talking to you. Pleasure to meet someone who is so clearly themself. Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to be used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused. Hold you head up. (Annie Lennox - Eurythmics)


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