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The Issue of the Manifesting Generator
Richard Rudd

The Issue of the Manifesting Generator - Am I the fifth Type?
The more time that passes with Human Design in my life, the more I am sure of the greatest secret it brings to me - That secret is the secret of the Aura. If you know how to be yourself, your aura begins to hum. It communicates in a quantum world beyond thoughts and words - it is that world where we connect to the source of all life.

If you want to understand any of the 4 Types, you have to watch them in the world. You have to see how they move, how they change as they awaken, how they interact with others. That is the secret to understanding the manifesting generator. Little really new has been noted about this type for a long time, and yet they comprise one third of our human species. When I first began studying HD they were still called 'sacral manifestors', which gives us all a clear idea of how fast this knowledge is evolving as well as how young it still is.

The true Manifestor aura is that of a warrior. It declares out loud: 'Be warned! I am here. Anything may happen!' Much of this declaration is purely defensive, since manifestors are actually very vulnerable. If you have an aura that carries such power, you can easily become a target. And yet, so many people misunderstand the manifestor. They are not built to be tough. They have no sacral after all. I like to see the manifestor like the cheetah in the animal kingdom. They are the fastest creatures alive, but their bodies are very slight. They can only sustain their speed for short bursts (the typical hunt is over in 2 minutes), after which they have to rest for at least four hours to build up their strength. I think many people involved in HD misunderstand how sensitive and vulnerable manifestors really are. And they are very easily manipulated through their undefined sacral.

The Generator aura is that of a Buddha. It declares simply: 'I am available for life to flow through me'. As the manifestor aura is yang, the generator is yin. It is like the hollow vessel that cannot be grasped. It shapes itself around the moment in perfect symmetry to the immediate environment. Just as the manifestor aura keeps life at bay, the generator is like a black hole, inviting all life inwards, irresistible and infinite in depth. And yet, the generator has the limitation of its vehicle. It is not built for speed but for sustainment (please understand I am still speaking metaphorically). For the generator, life moves at the pace it must move at, through the limitation of its gearbox.

Enter the Manifesting Generator. Can you do the formula? Yes, we have a Warrior Buddha. There is no aura on earth like this. The true manifesting generator aura is a perfect coincidence of yin and yang. At once effortless and yet endlessly capable of moving at light speed for sustained periods of time. These people are the true archetype of what humanity is capable of. If you colour in every gate in the bodygraph, what you end up with is a manifesting generator. If there is a golden child among the Types, these are the people.

The secret for the manifesting generator is the secret of the feminine. They represent a fusion, or a struggle, between male and female poles. The untamed wildness of the Warrior and the silence and surrender of the Buddha. If you are a manifesting generator, which one would you rather control your life? Ladies first, if you please. Your life is an expression of this cosmic balancing act. Every time you let the warrior lead, the Buddha is pulled off centre and the resistance you meet is extraordinary. But when you allow the Buddha to guide your life in patience and quiet trust, then your aura really begins to burn with light. Your potential bursts out all around you for all to see, but it is your ability to hold it in check that impresses people the most. You can achieve more in one lifetime than a generator can in one hundred (the pure generator living their nature is not interested in achievement). Sadly, very few manifesting generators are able to anchor themselves enough in the feminine to fulfil their true potential.

If you are a manifesting generator in the process of awakening, take heart from this: For the first 3.5 years, you will still allow your man to go barging through the door, knocking your woman to the ground. After 3.5 years, you will naturally begin to take more interest in the generator (you can learn much from pure generators). After 7 years, well, you know who will be wearing the trousers, don't you?
So the answer to the question is: you are both Types and neither. It is all a matter of who comes first.
Next issue: The Issue of Projectors - How long will I have to Wait?



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Very clear explanation - I am not familiar with this type and have found some difficulty in getting any description.

I think it is very significant that in the early years this was called a Sacral Manifestor. it is logicial to conclude either that the four types were not part of the original knowledge from the voice, or that there was some inconsistency in the knowledge.

Ra himself insistst there are just 4 types and they correspond mathematically to the four realms - Yang Yang, Yang Yin, Yin Yin amd Yin Yang.

But over and over this hybrid type is there - and the researcher who tested thousands of real people to validate type as a scientific phenomena wrote a letter to Kindred Spirit to say the stats show not four but five types! She has since been excommunicated from the HD community.

I can see that metaphysically the four types are important. Yet one in three people have dual types. That does not make a fifth type as such, but it makes my head hurt to think about it.

Thanks again for some light on this important topic.


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