Awakening in the light,
I open my eyes
Stretching out my arms
Look to the sky
And reach for the stars

The wonder of the glitter in the sky enters my awareness
I ask within myself
I look down to my body
And my body also glitters

I look to all my surroundings
And everything glitters with a shining light

In my epiphany,
I now know what the light is
I know that all the twinkling beauty of creation has one source
I know the significance of my earthly being, though I can not yet put it into thoughtform

As I am still within,
And still in my wonderment,
I suddenly make a profound realization:

An immeasurable amount of atoms make up my body
These atoms create the structures of cells
These cells co-exist, interact, and create to help me function

Then I move this idea to the outer environment
Weather patterns and earth changes are a cause and effect part of creation
A droplet of water hitting the surface effects the entire ocean
A simple thought will manifest,
I have seen it happen many times
One small breath has an effect on my environment
Would the earth be the same without cockroaches,
Would the earth even be inhabitable without them?
Everything creates,
Everything is energy
Every energy form is dependent on another
Perhaps creative energy has a conscoiusness that we can not conceive

Then I go back to the atom
The atom has 3 characteristics to help it interact and create
The proton is a positively charged particle
The electron is a negatively charged particle
The neutron is is neutral, it has no charge
In order to create there has to be positive and negative
The positive and negative aspects are reflected throught all of creation especially on this plane
The neutral charge is the force behind ALL things
It is the unity within the division
It is "GOD"

I take this idea on an even larger scale
We are the atoms, cells, or cockroaches that help to make the universe or "GOD" to function, to create
We are also creators
Maybe this is what the bible was speaking of when it said man was made in the image of GOD
And maybe the significance of an atom relates to the trinity,
"The father, the son, and the holy ghost"