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Many of you who have received a Human Design chart for yourself and have also seen charts of friends or other members of your family have noticed that some people are called "Generators" and some are called "Manifesting Generators". Perhaps you are a Generator yourself, and one of your family members or friends is a Manifesting Generator or visa versa. You may be wondering, therefore, what the difference is between those two types

One of the most common questions that I hear is in fact, "what is the difference between a Manifesting Generator and a Generator?" Another common question is "If I am a Manifesting Generator, does that mean I am a Generator or a Manifestor?" :P To fully answer these questions would require a complete seminar, but I can give you some important ideas to work with in the following paragraphs. So let's take a look at…

To begin with, there are significant differences between the Manifesting Generator and the Generator.

According to the traditional Human Design System, there are four types of individuals, each with their own unique strategy for making healthy decisions in their lives. The four types are:

1)Manifestors who must inform before they take action,
2)Generators who must wait for something to inspire them to act,
3)Projectors who need to wait to be invited into action and
4)Reflectors who can act after waiting 28 days to contemplate the action.

For many years, Manifesting Generators were lumped into the Manifestor category because, like Manifestors, they have a motor to the throat. They were told to act like Manifestors. This strategy failed to work most of the time. Manifesting Generators meet with a lot of resistance and frustration in life if they act like pure Manifestors. A Manifesting Generator does not carry the energy to initiate action without having something to respond to first.

Currently, in the Human Design System, Manifesting Generators are considered to be Generators. They must wait to respond to something that shows up in their life from the outside world before they take action. Generators respond to things by making sacral sounds (uh-huh and un-un) Once a Generator makes a response he can trust the response to be correct and then take action.

In my experience, most people are relieved when they learn their strategy. People generally intuitively understand their strategy. Most Generators will tell you that it feels quite natural for them to wait for opportunities and invitations. Many of my clients who are Manifesting Generators, on the other hand, really struggle with the strategy of waiting and responding. Most Manifesting Generators will tell me that they feel unclear about their response. They don't know if they can trust it. It doesn't feel natural.

The Generator strategy of waiting to respond seems to make sense for a pure Generator. Most Generators tell me that when they don't feel pressured by money factors or the opinions of those around them they will wait to take action when it "feels" like the right time or when the right opportunity presents itself. And, while they are waiting, they are usually in some way preparing for the "next step".

One of my favorite examples of a Generator using his waiting strategy correctly involves the son of a Human Design Analyst and friend of mine. This young man got out of college with a degree in computer science and he didn't get a job right away. After sending out resumes to various companies, he spent his free time playing computer games. As any parent can imagine, this endless game playing drove his father a little nutty. Why wasn't this young man out pounding the pavement, calling all his job leads, wondered his father? But, it just didn't feel right to this young Generator. What felt right to him was to play computer games, and one game in particular drew his attention. He played it until he had mastered several levels. His mother prevailed on the father to let him live his strategy.

A short time later my friend's son received a call for a job interview. Surprisingly enough, the man interviewing my friend's son loved computer games and the two of them hit it off talking about the very same game the boy had spent most of his time playing. In fact, many on the office staff at this particular company enjoyed the game that this boy had mastered. He was instant celebrity for having beaten levels beyond what anyone else in the company had achieved. He got the job! The preparation and the waiting were totally appropriate and very well directed with a good outcome. This is the nature of waiting for the Generator. Once a Generator responds, they know it is correct to follow the path directed by that response, even if the response seems like something unproductive, such as playing video or computer games all day.

This same simplicity of response may not always work for the Manifesting Generator. A Manifesting Generator might respond "uh-huh" to a job and find out, a few weeks later that it was the wrong job. Or while a Manifesting Generator is waiting for the right job, they might call and investigate other opportunities. And so they should. It would be unlikely that a Manifesting Generator would feel comfortable just sitting around playing computer games while waiting for a call about a job interview.

The same strategy that worked great for the Generator in the example above might drive a Manifesting Generator crazy! By definition, a Manifesting Generator has a motor connected to the throat (there are four motors in the Human Design system, the ego, the emotional solar plexus, the sacral and the root). Because they have a motor to the throat, Manifesting Generators can initiate conversations.

So, where do we fit Manifesting Generators into the four-type construct of the Human Design System? We don't. Recent statistical data, based on five separate random samples of 5000 cases, suggests strongly that there are indeed five Types in the Human Design System and not four as has been taught for the last few years. We must consider the Manifesting Generator as a separate type from either the Generator or the Manifestor.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is true. The strategy for the Manifesting Generator, therefore, would seem to be different from the strategy of the Manifestor or the Generator.

The Manifesting Generator can be very fast in her response. It can seem to others that the Manifesting Generator is running around doing many things at once. She can be much faster than a pure Generator and seem scattered compared to a Manifestor. And, because a Manifesting Generator can get into a "manifesting flow" when he is responding to things in the world around him, he can meet with resistance if he fails to inform others about what he is doing. This part of a Manifesting Generator's strategy is like the strategy of a Manifestor.

The strategy of the Manifesting Generator is to respond and then initiate action. Unlike the pure Generator who knows what is true or correct for her through her response, the Manifesting Generator doesn't know what is correct unless she either visualizes it or tests it out. It is as if the Manifesting Generator is constantly "test driving" her response to see if it is the right one. The Manifesting Generator has to play with response and try it out before she knows if it truly is correct.

This explains why it may appear to others that the Manifesting Generator is leaping into and over things. Yes, it does look that way, doesn't it? But, in fact, the Manifesting Generator is trying on different responses to see how these responses "feel". If the response "feels" correct, then the process can continue. If it does not feel correct, the Manifesting Generator needs to guiltlessly let go of the manifestation and start over. It wasn't a bad decision. It was just a response that needed to be tested out.

The wisdom of the Manifesting Generator is that through trial and error and correction, the Manifesting Generator can be very wise about mastery. This type knows what works and what will not work. And, because of the speed and efficacy of the response, the Manifesting Generator can know a lot about the most efficient way to do something. Manifesting Generators usually know the most direct route to an end.

Now obviously, I am not suggesting that Manifesting Generators just go out and "do" everything the way a Manifestor does. Remember that the action still needs to come in response to something that appears in the outside world. Responding is about waiting for something to come to you, using your sacral response to determine if it feels correct, and then taking action. Manifesting Generators won't always know what the right action is until they try it out, but they can let go of the fear of making mistakes, because there really are no mistakes. It is a process of learning through feedback.

So, if you are a Manifesting Generator, and you are wondering what strategy to follow for a decision in your life, there is still a need for you to slow down and wait…just a bit! But don't be afraid to "do" once you have responded to something. And, stop accepting judgement from yourself and others about leaping into things and then changing your mind or your manifestation. You are designed to constantly adjust what you do.

Human Design is an evolving science. What we come to know about ourselves sometimes comes from what others share with us. If you are a Manifesting Generator, I welcome your comments and insights and personal experiences with the waiting and responding process.


Karen Curry

Great articles on her website. :D

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You know, I don't post much, but I do find myself responding to this topic.

Well, I became involved in HD back when manifesting generators were manifestors. This doesn't mean anything other than I have had time to explore the strategy as it evolved. And so first I learned that strategy of doing and getting permission first, hearing I was a manifestor. And then I learned that I should be acting like a generator because I'm a triple split and my emotional manifesting stream was totally unconscious. Well, this got me into thinking about the strategies of MG, of which I'm still not clear I fall into the category of, or not. So, having said that, this is what I know to be true for me up to this point in time.

What happened when I tried the manifesting strategy was that I'd persue things and manifest at the expense of not listening to my sacral ability to do it. I ran myself into the ground. I burned out. Took me about a year to rest to recover.

When I shifted gears over into the strategy of generator land, I found that the flow of synchrony and doing and timing was still there, but it was there with the ability to relax and have time for tea in between manifestings. :wink: Also, the strategy of waiting for yes and then doing helped me to get in touch with my body in a way I had not been before.

I find that I have to agree with many of the observations that Karen has mentioned about MG, based on my own observations of myself. What I suppose I can add to this dialogue is that I originally had it backwards: I used to wait on the emotional wave to conclude for clarity, and then act on what the sacral agreed to way back when the wave started. I always felt a little clamped down when this process was happening. Impatient, and restless.

Now, I wait on the sacral voice as foundation, giving the 'all clear' that my body can source the energy, and then feel and witness the emotional manifesting channel engaging and exploring the way to bring it out into the world, or not. And when it happens, it is focused, immediate, and a firestorm of efficiency. BAM! It's done. Coming from this angle, I feel more centered, more connected to present time, less wasteful of what energy I am putting out, and perhaps most importantly, more amused at my own little way of being in the world.

:wink: smiling,


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Hello, dear Kip Winsett!

Well, I have manifesting capacity from sacral via G to the throat. 5/15, 1/8, 11/56 - are my definitions.

About functional differences....
I have never really thought about it, because what is primary for me in the chart - that Sacral center is defined. This brings into every design the limitation of sacral frequency, possibililty for action only through respond. This is limitation. And does not matter if somebody has Charisma or split from Sacral Money line Channel - he/she is designed to wait for responding (their manifesting part has to relax and wait, untill Sacral will say it's "uhunh").

The difference, which I could see between MG and Pure Gen., is lying in possibility to go with a quite power through all the process of acting, on which MGs have responded. They have possibilty to stay in stucks, waiting, when the sacral motor will turn on. As I have observed my friends, who are pure generatores, they need requests, provocations to respond in every stuck point.

AS Manifesting Generator I could say from my own experience, that if I enter into thing correctly, according to my strategy, I feel such a power inside me, that I could "turn round mountains" (russian proverb). Really nothing and nobody can stop me. And everybody around also feel this my power. And I feel this power untill I reach some point.

For example, several days ago we came back from Ibiza, where Ra gathered HD people for "Ibiza event". Western people really could not imagine how it is difficult to organise such trip if you are limited in money, because we have to make visas in ambassies and by fact it is only possible via travel agencies or we need to find some bribe-tacker and so on and so on (too long story for now)... But since I heard my sacral reaction for organising such a trip, no any obstacle could stop me. I really felt myself as a tank.

The same thing I could say about my husband. He has Charisma and thus, he is MG also. When he is absorbed by activity (=busy with), which he likes, oh! it is magnificent picture! He somehow transforms in this activity and he attracts attention of everybody, who could see him. Really - "Charisma" is very accurate name of this channel.

May be that is all for now.


kip winsett
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What kind of manifesting generator are you? Are you a manifestor because your sacral is connected to the throat by a direct connection (e.g. 20/34), or via the self, the emotional center, the ego center? Or do you have a split - one that is a generator and one that is a manifestor? Are there functional differences related to the path?


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Anonymous wrote:


Two monthes ago there was on-line seminar with Ra about Manifesting Generators.
Ra said that voice said to him about four types. Not about five.

As I could see, this tendency to separate MG as a Type - is coming from our notself tendency to be Manifestores. To justify Manifestor's theme in the life of MGs. It is like "o'key, we have defined sacral, BUT we also have something from manifestors!!!". It is a conclusion, which is coming from the observation about my own behavior and also reaction another people on the information about their Type.

It is so often my friends-pure generators say me with jealousy -"A! You are lucky - you are manifesting generator!..." .....

Three years ago, when I began, and I already new something about types, I also felt, like I took happy lottery's ticket. It was good cover up for my still Manifestor's behavior.

Also it was many times, when after our HD Events, where we gave with my husband introductory information about types (about four types!), some people came and said: - You've talked about generators... BUT I am MANIFESTING generator!! Do I still have to follow the strategy of generator?!!!!!!!!!........
Do you smell this not-self desire to have right (o'key - not totally, little bit, but still...) to be Manifestor??

It seems to me, that it is very important for MGs, who is touching this knowledge (via analysts or whatever) really to feel, to understand, to reveal, to see - that defined sacral is the foundation of their nature. All what they have else in their charts - it is number two. First - the frequency of their Sacral center, which puts limitations of their life and at the same time give enormouse possibility to be in right place in right time with right people and so on.

I say now even more (secretely) - when I give HD Reading to Manifesting generator, I try even not to say (at least I never put attention to this word -) "Manifesting". I think:" First - learn what it is not to initiate, to wait, what is your sacral voice, than - all what is correct for you - will happen mechanically".
In such way I am trying not to support manifestors ideology of their cells, all the more so strong because they all have manifesting capacity.

" It would be unlikely that a Manifesting Generator would feel comfortable just sitting around playing computer games while waiting for a call about a job interview. " (quote of Karen Carry)

I am MG by definitions. Could you imagine - now - I really feel comfortable "just sitting around playing computer games while waiting for a call about a job". Even when we absolutely have no money in our pockets, I don't moove myself into initiating - to call some friends, who promised for me to bring clients for HD readings, or to call for different places with offering of HD events. I just sit (playing games or reading books, or fixing my flat) and wait... Money? Hm... I just borrow it... or sometimes money is not so nessessary - it is quite possible to go in the city by foot and to eat very simple food. I prefer this "limited" freedom of the not-initiating strategy of Generator to not-mine conditioning strategy of Manifestors. It is more relaxed for me and I guess - more healthy.

So, it is obviouse - that it is not scientific article. I just feel respond to comment with my feelings and stories some sentences of big post of Karen Carry.

At the same time I feel that it is very important and valuable to explore the difference between Generators and Manifesting Generators inside the common Type.

That is all for now.


kip winsett
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When I first began studying HDS a manifestor was defined as anyone with a direct connectino between the throat and a motor. Soon after, the manifesting generator was defined as someone with a direction connection from sacral to throat. Recently, I see that a manifestor CANNOT have a defined sacral.

I did a chart not long ago for someone who is a triple split. 64/47, 54/32, 48/16 and 59/6. So, s root motor to throat connection via the spllen. Split off there's a defined sacral and enotional center via intimacy. Clearly, someone who has to wait as his authority is emotional, but what is the type strategy dynamic here?

It seems that the manifestor strategy, being it's own little segment not connected to the sacral, might well have an independent operation not related to response, but I've no personal experience on which to draw. Anyone have any experience with this?