Cross of the Maya

Right Angle Cross of Maya The Maya exists in the mental plane, meaning to measure, to quantify the dimensions of the Universe. "The cosmic mind-fuck" To master the Maya through science, understanding etc. is the theme of this Cross. The mind questions "What is the process of something? How many something's exist?" Etc. Those born on this Cross are essential players in our development in mastering the Maya, through coming to grips with our own nature. 42/32, 61/62 The 42nd gate brings the need for complete conclusion. Getting into things that lead to closure Through the 42nd gate, these people are designed to complete things but can linger in a commitment, so emphasis the importance of entering commitments correctly according to type/authority. The Maya can become a confusion and unfulfilling if not entered into correctly. If they don't complete things, or they don't have the detail to complete things then they can feel a failure(32) 62/61, 42/32 It is through the 62nd gate that language originates. The magic of logic to describe a common ground of understanding together. This is the gate of the Maya. Through the naming of the Maya we get a common ground of understanding. The mental plane needs to understand, to concretise the conceptual by naming it. Understanding is the only thing that gives humans security. Here the individual is concerned with finding opinions that give form to their details. To better organise the world. To ground their inner knowing through detailed opinions. 32/42, 62/61 The 32nd gate holds the fear of failure rooted in extinction(of our species) fears. The Maya gets you through fear. Splenic seriousness keeps the species alive. Valuation fears, the fear of not having the right value. Must have the correct people working for them in business. Always hunting for who can provide value. 61/62, 32/42 Here the pressure to know can become irrational. The irrationality to know the unknowable. "I need to know how it all works and I need the details" Inner truth comes from the details. Through the 61 comes the "new", the mutative fuel of the individual mind into the Maya collective. They inspire us to investigate the Maya at a deeper level, the mysteries of the Maya.